About Julie Ward

Julie Ward offers deep insight and wisdom on intimacy and relationship in a light-hearted, earthy manner through unique private sessions and group workshops to men, women and couples.

Julie’s natural ability to form collaborative relationships, coupled with her deep love of family called her to shift her Executive Leadership practice, established in 1996, to Transformational Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Relationship Coaching, after successfully growing out of the corporate world where she was highly regarded as a “rubber-hits-the-road” Consultant. Since 2010, her practice is deeply influenced by her world-class sexuality and intimacy teachers, Michaela Boehm and David Deida.

Julie lives along the Humber River Valley in Toronto, Canada, as experiencing nature grounds her being. Her other healing passion is as Mamma Bear, protectress of animals and she’s been known to have baby raccoons on her bookshelves or adult geese preening in her tub. This embodied connection to nature and nurture keeps her felt-sense of life and love intimately a-tuned.