Thank you so much for your “dance” in relationship workshop. It opened my eyes to possibilities I had never thought of before. The intimate small group, let me feel free to openly express my thoughts and bond with fellow participants. Julie, you have a deep understanding of male / female components of a relationship. I hope to put my new knowledge into practice.


The biggest thing I gained out of my conversations with you is a loving, engaged husband who supports me in my great big goals in life.

Lois Ward

…you have helped me understand myself as a woman. You created for me a safe place where trust was paramount and I opened up. Our time coaching brought in me a confidence, an inner peace, vulnerability and beauty that glowed. Consequently, I started attracting the kind of men I would be interested in and they all wanted to be around me.


Coaching with Julie Ward was the best investment I could have made as I launch a new business. During our sessions Julie made me cognizant of my limiting beliefs and showed me how to let them go. I am now empowered and confident to move forward and fulfill my dreams both professionally and personally.

Jean Palmart

Finding Julie was such a gift. I was in a very dark place in my marriage and knew I wanted to find love between my husband and I, but kept hitting walls. I had tried couples therapy and although it was helpful, I knew I needed one-on-one support to find out what was going on within myself. I can’t believe how quickly and how deeply Julie sorted me out! She tailored our time together in a way that worked perfectly with my needs and my schedule and allowed for a more intensified experience that I had ever received in therapy. Julie helped me to look at myself and my relationship in ways that had never occurred to me. The positive shift in my marriage happened quickly and has had lasting effects. I feel gratitude for our time together every day!

Amy F

It has been 3 months and I still think about our conversations every day…I felt like I was in over my head with trying to figure out the man in my life and what had happened to our lovely relationship. I still struggle at times with navigating my heart but then I remember I have tools now….tools that you let me in on that will help stop my pretzel brain twist and to open my heart again. Thanks again for being so cool!


And now…. I am in a loving, respectful, lasting relationship with a wonderful man I adore and the best part, I haven’t had to settle. In fact, my man proposed to me yesterday because he realizes I am the kind of woman he wants to share his life and raise a family with. You have kept me grounded, sane, in touch with my femininity and I have you to thank for starting this exciting new journey in my beautiful life. Gratitude always!

Selena Agha

Looking back, I am able to take stock of the changes I’ve made and continue to strive toward in my life. Julie Ward has been the catalyst for these changes and has opened my eyes to the possibilities that have been within my grasp but were blocked by my own limiting beliefs. Thanks to Julie I am more confident, focused and making improvements in my career and family life. But the biggest, most life-altering change has been learning to celebrate who I am and be present to the gifts that I have to offer the world.

KC Noble

I recommend Julie to anyone who yearns for something more in their career or personal life but hasn’t been able to get there on their own. If everyone had a life coach like Julie then the world would finally be at peace.

Kelly Hobson

Before I met you, I was stuck in a rut with my love life. I wanted a loving, respectful, lasting relationship but was going about it the wrong way. Attracting men wasn’t a problem; it was the kind of men I was attracting that was. These relationships left me feeling empty, unhappy and full of doubt. I am an attractive, intelligent, successful woman and yet, when it came to men, I wasn’t feeling any of that.


I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who is experiencing difficulty in moving forward to the next step- in business or in life. Julie has the skills and insight to help you find the direction that is right for you.

Dr. Laura Cruz M.D

Julie helped me work through a very difficult time in my life, offering important tips and exercises to manage challenging issues and work toward changing the status quo. Julie’s insightful approach to coaching can play a valuable role for anyone wishing to make changes in their life but needing a helping hand in doing so. Thanks Julie!