Julie's Intro Video - Are you wanting relationship clarity?

Back in my early social media days, it was clear that I had to show up online so people could connect with me.  In my first ever video, I had this frozen deer-in-the-headlight look. I was so camera shy and it felt excruciatingly horrible.  I got over it.

As I'd been through my share of relationship hell,  part of my mission was (and still is) to help others going through their own griefs to have my compassionate edge with a touch of 20/20 hindsight.  To know they were not alone and unsupported when making complicated, often  heart-wrenching decisions. 

Now I've grown  - deepened and widened my intimacy practice over these last 10 years yet this video still resonates with me.   

Sexual Attraction and Polarity

Ever wonder why you have lost the zing in your relationship?  You no longer feel strongly attracted to your partner or worse actually feel repelled?  Maybe you love them but the chemistry is just not there?   It's like your sexual attraction heartbeat has flatlined.  

There are many influences that play into this disconnect phenomena, with one been how we are habitually being around our partner energetically.  All is not lost as there are ways to either recover or deepen your sexual attraction for each other.   

The 3 Love Levels in Relationship

Consciously knowing where you are coming from when communicating with your partner, will only empower you to have a more connected relationship.  

Here you will discover 3 love levels that we all move through in any given day to aid you to become more masterful with your own love-levelling.