I'm Every Woman TV - Creating Healthy Relationships

TV host, Janette Burke interviews Julie  on topics such as these: 

  • What are ways to ask for and get what you need? 
  • What does "Our intimate relationships hold the keys to the locked parts of our soul's longing to be expressed" mean? 
  • How do you recover from sexual trauma?
  • Redefining our relationship with the Feminine 
  • How can a woman move from corporate masculine push energy to her more relaxed feminine essence?


I celebrated all the women who broke the cycle of silence and spoke up for themselves during the #MeToo outpouring. 

And in the wake of that tsunami,  there was so much justifiable rage washing through these women.  So I chose to share my personal insights to possibly shine the light on "What's next?"  

Yes, I can say #MeToo after being gang raped at age 14. 

I speak of how I came to terms with what had happened and how I forgave my transgressors, to be free of the rage , which had ultimately been hurting not only me but my loved ones as well.     May you also find your way 'home'. 

Canadian Living Magazine - Why Women Lie


Why do we lie? (It's not just women)

Everyone has done it. White lies, little fibs, to blatant all out big ass lies - to our spouses, our friends, family and most importantly to ourselves.   I find that people have this underlying fear that if they show the truth about who they are, they won't be loved.   When one creates false stories, the lies increase our feeling of not being good enough. 

"A better option: Be yourself. We can only really get closer when we connect through communication and talking through these tension-causing topics," says Ward.  

"Lies will kill any relationship over time".